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SEO Series, Part 1: Google Power

Is Google your friend? Or are they kindred to the devil himself? We prefer to think that

they are a distant second cousin to the man with horns. WHY? Because every time Google

changes their algorithms their Advertising Revenues SKYROCKET!!!

Fred… Penguin…Possum… on and on it will continue. Every time Matt Cutts, the

director of Google’s spam team, releases a change, panic strikes, and business owners wonder if their business will win or lose in the rankings game. While we know that Google is doing what they must do to protect their Advertising revenues, they have made rankings a mystery to most businesses and webmasters.

Remember, Google isn’t a friend to small business. They have made these

changes to protect their “baby,” Google AdWords, which accounts for 90% of Google’s billions of revenues! They want the WORLD to love the search results found on Google so that the WORLD will continue to CLICK ON ADS! This is GREAT for GOOGLE, but NOT for SMALL BUSINESSES who can barely afford to pay $20.00 per click to gain a visitor.

FREE organic traffic isn’t guaranteed anymore! If we will get this ORGANIC and FREE

traffic we must earn it by doing what Google demands. Play by their rules and you’ll be

rewarded. Ignore them, and your site will be penalized. No, it isn’t fair. No, we don’t like it.

But this series is about getting FREE organic SEO traffic. And while there are other ways to

say “SCREW YOU” to Google and get traffic from other places, there is no other

website on earth that can potentially bring you thousands of dollars in sales,

every single day, without spending money for each visit! What you might not realize is

that SEO has changed dramatically over the last ten years. And NO, it surely isn’t as easy as it used to be. You’re going to need to change your paradigm and see that SEO is no longer about keywords and large quantities of backlinks. IT IS ALL ABOUT WHAT GOOGLE


The Google Chrome Browser

Since the Google Chrome browser is growing as a choice for many internet users,

Google has the inside scoop on how the general public perceives websites. In a recent survey, 58% of all internet users said that they used Google Chrome for browsing. Google can now determine how many pages a person visits, what social media actions are taken, and even how long they spend on a website! Google Chrome is a game changer for SEO! Google now can determine the value of a website simply by measuring the data collected from their free internet browser.

Penguins, Pandas & Penalties

Google was just getting started with Chrome! In 2010, they enlisted the help of

thousands of Google quality testers to see how they respond to websites. They then

accumulated this data and built it in as part of their algorithms. Once Google could see what

users didn’t like, they changed their search engine results to reflect their preferences and

effectively penalized sites that didn’t comply with lower rankings. What’s worse, Google and

Google alone determines what website technology (or lack thereof) should be penalized.

This means that website technology used last year could become Google’s next penalty and no one can stop them. The impacts can be devastating to small businesses dependent upon their website to generate leads. In this Blueprint, we’ve listed the things that Google is looking for and measuring! This is our BLUEPRINT for success for our SEO Clients.

Sometimes prospects come to us looking for an easy fix! However, SEO is NO LONGER EASY!

Growing your traffic isn’t a matter of a few small changes to your website and adding a few new links. Unfortunately, it is going to take TIME, MONEY, and a major EFFORT on your part.

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